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John Snelson

“Sessions with Albert will be positive, focussed, friendly, insightful and productive. In my experience, he has an acutely tuned skill for identifying what the core issues are and distilling from them clear and manageable options. By the end of each session, Albert has left me with a greater understanding of the forces shaping my reactions. As a result, I have been more confidently equipped to make the changes appropriate to me in the most effective ways. When Albert provides new perspectives and challenges, they are well worth taking on board!”

Diane Betties

“I have had several sessions with Albert now and could see the progress just after my first session with him. Albert’s incredible energy, positivity, empathy and guidance helped me to see problems from a different angle and deal with aspects in my communication that kept me in repeating patterns for years. His way of coaching provided encouragement without flattery, and guidance to empower myself to deal with very imminent challenges in my work life. Albert is exactly the coach that asks the right kind of questions to truly explore your inner self and fundamentally progress.”

Audrey Migot

“I had a fantastic coaching session with Albert. Following our conversation, he left me with a collection of coping mechanisms to manage the spiral of fear and doubt that can sometimes threaten to overwhelm me. I also learned to appreciate the importance of downtime and self care on the path to achieving my goals.”

Gill Massey

“Talking with Albert helped me unravel my thoughts and motivations. What was originally a concern with a work issue revealed a lot about me in general. Recognising personality traits has informed many areas of my life. Illuminating!”

Francesca Fanni

“My experience with Albert has been very amazing, he has helped in my pathway in so many ways. At the end of every session I feel myself rich of new way of thinking and ready to put in practice every single word. Thank you for this great experience.”

Samantha Watson

“Albert Viljoen is so great! He is honest and encouraging. I have put his tools to use in everyday life as well as my professional life. With his help I am making personal discoveries and using them to grow. I can’t recommend him enough, I feel anyone given the chance would feel the same!”

Hector Godoy

“I’ve had a couple of coaching sessions with Albert and his insightful approach and advice has really get me back on track after every session. I would highly recommend reaching out to him for a one of a kind coaching session.”

Anastasia Gerali

“I’ve had a coaching call with Albert regarding my personal blocks as an independent designer and entrepreneur. Albert’s coaching was insightful and authentic. His approach resonates with my own personality. Definitely recommended if you are ready for the next step but need a new perspective on your own blockages.”

Adelina Rusu

“Albert is an incredible life coach. He helped me to discover and understand myself better, and gave me real solutions which improved my life. After each session, I felt more positive and more driven to pursue my goals.”

Meagan Wellman

“Really great service. Speaking with Albert really helped me to solve a problem that I had with a creative team at that time. After the session and applying his advice, the situation was resolved!Would recommend and be back in future.”

Caspar Arnhold

“How to implement Leichtigkeit in creative processes? Albert gave me some pretty good ideas in a relaxed conversation at eye level, like a good friend with a witty humorous mind. His questions and feedback is clear, straight forward and highly professional.”

Yala Jewellery

“I had a fantastic coaching session with Albert in July 2018. Following our conversation, he left me with a collection of coping mechanisms to manage the spiral of fear and doubt that can sometimes threaten to overwhelm me. I also learned to appreciate the importance of downtime and self care on the path to achieving my goals.”

César Camarillo

“Thanks a lot for listening and helping my find my way through in a matter of 30 minutes! Most effective therapy I’ve ever had! Über nice and talented.”

Nuhad Haffar-Orsini

“I had an online coaching call with Albert, who helped me work through some challenges I’m facing in my professional development. Albert was very easy to talk to and quickly understood my concerns. It was a very positive and beneficial experience.”

Steve Grant

“A fantastic behaviour change and life coach that I have personally used to generate improvement in my business and personal life. He is also someone that I have no doubts in referring clients to.”

Esther Gimenez

“I had a coaching call with Albert Viljoen about my insecurity for improvement in my work as a makeup artist and it was amazing! Seriously, I liked how he works, he makes the correct questions and he made me feel comfortable and understood all time. Super recommended!”

Antoine Fadel

“Had a wonderful and helpful talk with Albert about my future plans and got some really great insight on how to make them come true . He definitely had an Extremely positive approach on my concerns with a backed planning . Thank you Albert”

Sara Ahli

“Albert Viljoen has help coached me during the Mastered Accelerator Program with being my own boss and reaching the goals I set out for myself. After our coaching sessions I felt very excited to get back into the working flow and gained more clarity on what I needed to focus on.”

Annabel Kleyweg

“Albert’s energetic and optimistic character combined with an ease of ‘filtering out’ the root cause quickly and offering a pragmatic approach to challenges is very effective. Albert can keep things light when needed, a few laughs during sessions are also guaranteed!”

Treyvon West

“Albert is awesome he is very great at breaking down areas that a person may be struggling in and providing direct solutions that are absolutely effective!”

Gantcho Beltchev

“Had chance to meet Albert and he showed me how to go forward where I wasn’t to able to do it my self. Thank you!”

Angie Ford

“Albert is a great listener and excellent at touching on just what’s needed to make a gradual and focused change. Thank you Albert!”

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