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My main aim is to get people to move with as much strength, agility, energy and ease as possible.


What is your background?

I am a qualified sports scientist, with an honours degree in human performance. I have worked as a specialised personal trainer in London for the last 10 years, focusing on 1-on-1 rehabilitation, optimising performance for athletes, injury rehabilitation and optimising longevity through movement-coaching.

What is your story?

I was raised in sunny Cape Town, South Africa – home to an extremely adventurous outdoor lifestyle. My mom would confirm that I almost came out running from the womb! In fact, if I wasn’t given the opportunity to expend my energy regularly, I would become near impossible to manage.

I feel most myself when my body is moving, and through the years, this instinct was eventually channelled into athletic performance, where I displayed a natural talent. This allowed me to compete for 12 years, reaching the world championships in 2004, Italy, for swimming and triathlon.

During this time, staying strong and healthy was no easy task. Granted, I had a natural skill to move. I could push my body and perform well enough for the international stage, but it came at a cost.

The competitive lifestyle eventually took its toll. I developed more and more injuries and chronic pains. New sports became challenging, and – as a result – my self-image and confidence also took a knock. I have tried countless massages, foam rolling, this therapy and that therapy, but none of them fixed the root problem.

I was stuck!

The problem was that I focused on performance, well, instead of practice. Our true nature is reflected in our consistent practice, rather than our once-off achievements. My practice did not include adequate self-care: I had blinkers on, and only wanted, no, needed one thing: to be the best.

This happens to many of us: we fall into the trap of achieving goals. We find short-cuts, we work overtime, we push our bodies harder and further. And most of us are awarded for this type of success. Few of us stop to ask the most important question, though: at what cost?

I had to turn things around. I stepped out of competitive sport, and turned my attention to taking proper care of my body: I realised that my body is my one and only vehicle for living, and that I still had my whole life ahead of me!

Gradually, my view of health and wellness, performance and movement changed. I started discovering the connections between social, emotional and physical elements, and how they are all tied together. As I started implementing these supplementary practices, I regained my confidence, relief from the constant aches and pains, and my relationships started flourishing.

Today, I am passionate to inspire others to discover how they were designed to move. In our contemporary culture, we tend to be disconnected from our bodies: either pushing it too hard, or not at all!

What is your role in Original Intent?

My area of focus is the human body. I assist my clients to get better control of their bodies, and to move the way they were designed to.

To achieve this, I use various modalities: massage, needling, physical manipulation, exercise routines or a simple change in habits. Working across the spectrum: from rehabilitation for an injury, to elite sportsmen who want to break a new record; my main aim is to get people to move with as much strength, agility, energy and ease as possible.

How do you view performance?

I inspire clients to look at the entirety of their lives and not leave anything to chance. This is what I call the integrated approach to health and performance. Once there is a lack of synchronicity, it can have huge effects on the way we move, act, relate, feel, play and perform.

What brings you joy in your work?

The way our bodies work has always intrigued me – I never get bored of it! I enjoy sharing my clients’ personal victories – when they overcome pain, or achieve a new goal.

Most of all though, I get excited by clients who want to do the work: who wants to make sense of their own bodies and lives, discover new ways to move freely and experience life more fully!

My main aim is to get people to move with as much strength, agility, energy and ease as possible.

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