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your work is good enough you are good enough

Your work is good enough. You are good enough

Personal growth is held in a delicate balance between ”the good enough” and “the best”. Your capacity to hold this balance can mean the difference between being a dad or being a present dad; dominating others or inspiring others; building an empire or transforming a nation.

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best way to quit your job-without burning any bridges

The best way to quit your job (without burning any bridges)

So you’ve decided to quit your job, and you’re feeling anxious. This is expected. Maybe this was your first job – straight out of varsity. Maybe you just got a raise and a promotion for being such a stellar employee. On the other hand, you might be leaving because you have a horrible boss, and you don’t know if you can handle his reaction when you say “Ciao!”.

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how to face your fears in creative industry

How to face your fears in the creative industry

You’ve been staring at the screen for the entire day. But you’re not working, no: you have fallen into the Youtube spiral of distraction and despondency hours ago. It all started so well: you blocked out time in your calendar to get inspiration for the next project. You had a plan.

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have a holiday that meets your needs

Have a holiday that meets your needs

What constitutes the “perfect getaway”? This time of year, the promise of a dream holiday is plastered across cheap brochures like flies on a beached whale. All-inclusive packages are punted with every essential ingredient – tropical weather, rolling beaches and long island on-tap. And yet, we often return from these retreats more depleted (and broke) than how we had left. Even if you manage a semblance of rest, daily life has a way of hum-drumming the sunlight right out of your stride.

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how not to work yourself to death 1

How not to work yourself to death part 1

You hit the alarm, get up, and get going, They say “I can’t do it”, you say “I’ve already done it”. They say “I’m not sure it will work”, you say “I fixed it.” They say “I need a break”, you say “I’ll sleep when I”m dead.” If this sounds like you, and you don’t want to risk your health & life, then you may need to take 5 minutes just to read this blog.

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how not to work yourself to death 3

How not to work yourself to death part 3

When was the last time you went to a dance-class? The way the baseline surges through your body, and vibrates through your chest. The way the sound of those velvety strings wrap themselves around your arms, pulsates through your muscles and electrifies your legs to swing in broad circles across the smooth ballroom floor.

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