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why do a personality assessment

Why do a personality assessment?

Do you prefer to be centre-stage, or backstage? Do your friends call you the party animal, or the home-body? Are you a dog-person or a cat-person? Do you have more sociopathic, or more psychopathic tendencies?

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embrace your demons

Embrace your demons

What are your positive traits? Maybe you’re artistic, conscientious, precise or pragmatic; empathic, goal-driven, enthusiastic or independent. Now think about how these very traits have caused you trouble in the past.

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what kind of parent are you

What kind of parent are you?

Love them or hate them, you’re bound to resemble your parents, one way or another. If they were loud, chances are that ”inside voice” is not your default-setting. If they were moaners, you may struggle to notice the silver linings in the storms. And that”s okay – we don”t need to resist the way our parents influenced us – whether it was through their discipline, or genes. It’s better to learn from these traits, and harness them.

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