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don't bother meditating exercising or journaling

Don’t bother meditating, exercising or journaling

“I really need to start journaling but I keep putting it off.”
“I tried meditation, and it supported me in dealing with anxiety, but then the habit just slipped.”
“When I remember to __________, it really helps. I just don’t have the discipline to keep it up.”

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stand up to inner critic

How to stand up to your Inner Critic

One day, sometime during your teenage or young adult life, a sinister figure snuck in through the backdoor of your mind. Maybe you remember the exact moment: that painful break-up, the loss of a job, or a failed application to Cambridge.

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embrace your demons

Embrace your demons

What are your positive traits? Maybe you’re artistic, conscientious, precise or pragmatic; empathic, goal-driven, enthusiastic or independent. Now think about how these very traits have caused you trouble in the past.

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what do you do with the elephant in the room

What do you do with the elephant in the room?

Before you read this article, a disclaimer: This subject may stir up some upsetting emotions. Most of us would rather put it off until we have no choice in the matter. But I’d like to pose a challenge: if you allow yourself to experience a little discomfort now, you can save yourself – and your loved ones – massive costs in the future.

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how to grow in confidence

How to grow in confidence

You can sense it when they walk into a room. The open posture, their expansive energy and the way they carry themselves so effortlessly in their own skin. They do their work with skill, resolution and purpose, without even breaking a sweat. With some, confidence can also be loud: speaking with charisma, clarity and infectious energy. They inspire us and compel us to follow. They are leaders. They are experts. They are gods.

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how to train anger into a power for good

How to train anger into a power for good

Anger is not your enemy. In fact, it may be your best ally. Meet Brutus. Brutus is a watchdog. The Smiths had bought him when he was just a pup, and sent him off to dog-school to train in the art of biting, growling and everything watchdog. His main purpose was to protect the Smiths and their home from intruders.

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journal yourself into a better life

Journal yourself into a better life

Stop waffling, and start self-authoring. The pen is mightier than the sword. But it’s also weaker than a jelly-baby. In fact, even if I don’t know how to wield a sword, you could still lose an eye. But if I don”t know how to wield a pen, you’ll only lose interest.

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can you smell the monkey on your back

Can you smell the monkey on your back?

Disclaimer: This post contains some hard truths. It is less inspiring and comforting than our usual style, but it packs a power-punch of sobriety. So, I invite you to brace yourself, read it all the way to the end, and ask some hard questions.

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become a pro athlete with your feelings

Become a pro-athlete with your feelings

The idea of ”Emotional intelligence” and ”Emotional resilience” have been hot topics lately. Studies show that those who are emotionally ”smart”, are headhunted for jobs, great in relationships and more apt at handling life’s curve-balls. So, what exactly does it mean?

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3 tricks to keep your brain young fresh

3 tricks to keep your brain young and fresh

Your brain is the most powerful computer on the planet. It’s also squirrel somewhat distractable. For instance, it only takes squirrel you a moment to recognize the word that does not belong. However, you still squirrel cannot stop yourself from:

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forever young

Forever young

Peter Pan has become somewhat of a mascot for the 21st century. We’ve turned into a society obsessed with our youthfulness, and ‘grossed out by old people’. Healthcare companies, marketing-ploys, pharmaceutical giants and researchers spend billions of dollars annually to discover, create, or at least simulate the ‘elixir of youth’.

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short cuts make for long delays

Short-cuts make for long delays

During a lunch-date, my friend once mentioned how she tries to raise her 6-year old son to be ‘human’ before he goes out into the world. She said that she doesn’t guard him from external influences, but attempts to raise him in this world, dealing with the ups and downs of human interaction, before the digitised virtual reality sucks him in.

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you can multitask sometimes

You can multitask. Sometimes.

Apparently we cannot multitask. Some research has shown that our minds are designed to focus on one thing, and one thing only. This is not entirely true – so we’d like to qualify this statement. You can multitask, sometimes, but first, we need to explain how your brain works:

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make the best choices today

Make the best choices today

It’s 1pm. I’m standing at the Woolies (grocery store) across the road. My mind is stuck in neutral: “Do I take the Chicken pesto, or thai chicken curry? Oh, there”s a low-cal Beef Stroganoff option, but the cellophane on that packet looks cancerous” or should I just have a fruit-salad? But fruit have sugars, which will spike my insulin”, a full minute later, I walk out with the same meal I had yesterday. It’s just easier.

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are you in denial

Are you in denial?

Grab your notebook and a writing-tool. If you don’t own any, do yourself a favour and buy a moleskin and a pen that glides smoothly across the pages, then return and continue reading.

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