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don't bother meditating exercising or journaling

Don’t bother meditating, exercising or journaling

“I really need to start journaling but I keep putting it off.”
“I tried meditation, and it supported me in dealing with anxiety, but then the habit just slipped.”
“When I remember to __________, it really helps. I just don’t have the discipline to keep it up.”

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How not to exercise

How NOT to exercise

It doesn’t matter what exercise you do – whether it’s CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, aerobics or gymnastic training: all of them can damage your body – badly! On top of that – if you’re in a class of 20 people, the trainer can not possibly be mindful of your unique form. So you need to know your body pretty well to avoid injuries. And, since sitting is the new smoking, even your couch isn’t safe anymore. So, how do you push yourself into your edges, without falling over the edge?

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