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stand up to inner critic

How to stand up to your Inner Critic

One day, sometime during your teenage or young adult life, a sinister figure snuck in through the backdoor of your mind. Maybe you remember the exact moment: that painful break-up, the loss of a job, or a failed application to Cambridge.

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your work is good enough you are good enough

Your work is good enough. You are good enough

Personal growth is held in a delicate balance between ”the good enough” and “the best”. Your capacity to hold this balance can mean the difference between being a dad or being a present dad; dominating others or inspiring others; building an empire or transforming a nation.

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how to face your fears in creative industry

How to face your fears in the creative industry

You’ve been staring at the screen for the entire day. But you’re not working, no: you have fallen into the Youtube spiral of distraction and despondency hours ago. It all started so well: you blocked out time in your calendar to get inspiration for the next project. You had a plan.

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how to grow in confidence

How to grow in confidence

You can sense it when they walk into a room. The open posture, their expansive energy and the way they carry themselves so effortlessly in their own skin. They do their work with skill, resolution and purpose, without even breaking a sweat. With some, confidence can also be loud: speaking with charisma, clarity and infectious energy. They inspire us and compel us to follow. They are leaders. They are experts. They are gods.

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take the first step

Take the first step

Change is scary. Whether you”re moving to a new city, different job or in a new relationship, it takes a lot to make a shift. Even when the new city is safer, and the next job pays better – there are still some emotional and mental challenges to face.

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trade in your fears for adventure

Trade-in your fears for adventure

“I used to travel all across the US, to find the latest rides” I looooved the adrenaline-rush!! But, since my kids were born, something changed… I became more fearful of those kinds of activities” in fact, it”s so bad now, that I’m actually petrified of heights! I never used to be this way…”

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