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learn how to cultivate healthy happy relationships

Learn how to cultivate healthy, happy relationships

“I was in a great relationship before: my husband was loving and kind at first. But, after 4 years of marriage, he left me for another woman. I don’t blame myself for it, I am still processing my anger and sadness about it, and I can’t help but worry: How do I know that the same thing won’t happen to me again?”

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best way to quit your job-without burning any bridges

The best way to quit your job (without burning any bridges)

So you’ve decided to quit your job, and you’re feeling anxious. This is expected. Maybe this was your first job – straight out of varsity. Maybe you just got a raise and a promotion for being such a stellar employee. On the other hand, you might be leaving because you have a horrible boss, and you don’t know if you can handle his reaction when you say “Ciao!”.

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how to get your message across

How to get your message across

If you grew up in the West, and you often read blogs and Google “how to” strategies, you probably don’t need new information. You actually need some advice to apply what you already know. We can Google anything; but turning that information into actions, is a different ball-game.

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theres an app for that

There’s an app for that?

Comms R Changing. A friend of mine – teacher – mentioned how one of her students wrote an English essay in SMS-language. To the student, it’s just “language” – it’s how he communicates every day. Apparently he cldnt evn recognize th differenc btwn what he wrote&th basic grammar & rules we were held2, just a few yrs ago.

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