One of the best ways to get people to read your content, is to start a title with ‘3 tricks’ or ‘How to’. That may be how we got you to read this. But, don’t feel cheated!

Grab your notebook and a writing-tool. If you don't own any, do yourself a favour and buy a moleskin and a pen that glides smoothly across the pages, then return and continue reading.

It’s 1pm. I’m standing at the Woolies (grocery store) across the road. My mind is stuck in neutral: “Do I take the Chicken pesto, or thai chicken curry? Oh, there’s a low-cal Beef Stroganoff option, but the cellophane on that packet looks cancerous… or should I just have a fruit-salad? But fruit have sugars, which will spike my insulin….” a full minute later, I walk out with the same meal I had yesterday. It’s just easier.