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What is a Strength Coach?

In the simplest terms, a strength coach is someone who helps improve your muscular strength. It may mean that you get bigger muscles, but it could also just mean that your muscles get stronger, without much change in size and composition.

That being said, not every strength coach is the same: some focus on muscle gains, others focus on functional movement, while others are merely personal trainers who focus on strength work. Your program will probably include some weight training, but your strength coach may prefer to use TRX-cables, kettlebells or even just your body weight in your program.

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How is my style different from other Strength Coaches?

As a specialized movement practitioner with a neural approach, my style tends to be less conventional to your standard strength coach. I approach the human body from a holistic perspective, so when we develop your program, we take into account your overall well-being: this includes neural movement patterns, previous injuries, activities, habits, and general movement routines. If you’re looking to pump your muscles, irrespective of the cost to your health, I’m not the guy for you.

Observant, analytical expertise that produces sustained and observable results. What’s not to like? Shaun has worked with me for a few years on correcting joint and muscles problems (from osteoarthritis) and on reducing associated pain. The effect has been sustained and life-changing for me. I am now in dramatically better shape than I thought possible, and it has been fun too! I recommend Shaun’s knowledge, skill and manner without reservation.

John Snelson

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What is my strength coaching process?

To start off, I do an initial functional movement and neural assessment. This helps us determine how your body moves, how your brain has programmed your movement patterns, and where you may have compensations. After the assessment, we will have a better idea of where to focus our attention.

Before we launch into an intense muscle-building program, we first need to determine what you are capable of, and clearly define every component of your body’s movement system. Only once you have achieved the basic skill of moving well, under control, can we add external load.

You are an intricately connected organism. If we want to make the best of your program, and avoid injury, we need to build a program where you can move in a balanced way, without compensation. These compensations may or may not be felt when you train, so it’s my job to see the links in the chain and prescribe the strength training plan best suited to your body’s needs.

Shaun has helped me change my approach to my physical heath and wellbeing! I first spoke to him about a recurring knee injury but rather than just treating a specific injury as an isolated issue, his sessions have addressed my body (and even my mind sometimes) in a much more holistic way. I’ve seen substantial improvements in surprising areas including quicker reactions in racket sports, much better balance in yoga, and hugely improved upper body strength.

Charlotte Payne

What I can help you with as a Strength Coach

My purpose for all my clients is to benefit their overall health and wellness. Most strength coaches have a narrower focus, only paying attention to whether or not your strength increases over time. That is ok, they are extremely good at specialising in what they do but that is all you will get.

If, for instance, your goal was to increase muscle size through strength training, you could get big muscles, but won’t be limber like a gymnast. If, on the other hand, you train both your flexibility and strength, you may be average at both and will have to sacrifice a few things for what you really want in the end.

So, we need to narrow down what it is you really want to achieve first, and tailor your ‘loading’ to those specific needs.

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Strength training for athletes

Strength coaching can help break barriers, reach new goals and optimize your performance to the demands of your sport.

For athletes, performance is key, but specific to the sport’s requirements. Athletes require many hours to build skills for their sport, but they also need a lot of rest, nutritional and recovery support to maintain their performance.

The average Joe who tries to train like an athlete, will eventually reach a breaking point.

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Strength training for rehab

Here we are looking at building, repairing or restoring lost function.

The trainer/therapist has to be extremely skilled in recognising what specifically you need and this may not be lifting weights, or the very least, exercise bands first. Strength coaching help you regain control of your body, help repair what was damaged and restore the function you had before.

Most importantly – the right kind of strength coaching needs to work at the correct pace, to prevent re-injury.

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Strength training for chronic conditions

This must be done in a safe and progressive manner, looking at gender, age, surgeries (post and present) and mental health, with a thorough history. Research advocates strength/resistance type training for most chronic conditions. It can help with multiple aspects of a disease-process, ensuring a better quality of life.

For example: Arthritis sufferers need specific muscles strengthened around the joints, so as not to let the joint continue to wear down and exacerbate the inflammation. Through strength training, the muscles better support the joint, so the joint doesn’t get overly inflamed.

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For anyone else

After your movement assessment, we can start the process of training your body to lift weights in the best way possible. Instead of just handing you massive weights and potentially bursting a blood vessel in your neck, we teach you how to build strength with awareness.

If we don’t move the body in the way it was designed, we’re just setting ourselves up for an injury! Strength training can improve many areas of one’s life, and is great addition for a varied/mixed training regimen.

Shaun has been a crucial part of my half-marathon preparation for over five years. He regularly provides deep tissue massage to maximise my training, as well as muscle activation massage prior to races. I have benefited from his expertise in body mechanics and motion to solve imbalances in my technique as well as to overcome minor injuries. Shaun has a considered and personal approach, and after every session he provides me with specific and helpful advice on how to improve.

Silas Spencer

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