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Personal Trainer Shaun Brooking

I am a specialized personal trainer in Marylebone London, with an honours degree in human performance. Unlike your average personal training session, I create a tailored movement coaching program, by using sophisticated neural and gait-analysis. My passion is to unlock and develop your ultimate movement potential.

I am based in Marylebone and Marble Arch but I also work in other central locations and offer online training at certain stages of the process.

My clients come from various walks of life:

Businessmen who just want to maintain their fitness
Athletes who want to reach peak performance
Injured clients who want to improve / manage pain
Ageing clients who want to move the way they used to

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I was referred to Shaun through a mutual friend, after trying many different therapies for my pain. I was sceptical at first, as I was not sure how it would work over long distance, but modern technology made it work. I felt very heard and supported by Shaun, even when there was such a big distance. The exercises changed with the time and after around 2.5 months now, I can say I am pain-free.!My back feels generally stronger and more stable. For me, the experience was amazing!

Iline Ceelen Medical Team Leader at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

How I can help as a personal trainer

Although clients come to see me with just about any body-related goal: from running better to doing a hand-stand, some of the most popular reasons include:

Injury Rehabilitation
Improve athletic performance
Strength and Condition coaching
Chronic pain management

Services include

1-on-1 Movement Coaching sessions
Gait analysis
Private Pilates-sessions
Movement workshops

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I had two programmes of physiotherapy to address increasing mobility problems and pain from osteoarthritis in my knees. They were ineffective. When I started working with Shaun, he was faced with decades of damage that were causing severe restrictions in everyday movement and continual pain. The methodical correction over the past few years has completely transformed my pain and ability to walk to a level I would have thought impossible. Shaun stopped the progressive collapse of movement, dramatically reversed the effects of the joint damage, and has continually refined those corrections to lasting and readily observable results. I now move in ways that have reduced pain to negligible and occasional levels, and that I haven’t otherwise experienced for decades.

John Snelson

What makes Movement Coaching better than Personal Training?

We bring mind, body and lifestyle together

Movement coaching is the amalgamation of various training practices. When we understand how you move and use your body in daily life, we can create a daily practice plan to support and enhance lasting change. Your brain has a blueprint to move better than you could imagine, and we can unlock that potential!

We build everything on a trusting relationship

I often work with clients who have been ‘burnt’ by other trainers. They may have been injured, pushed too hard or they simply didn’t get the results they wanted. This makes them suspicious when they see the next trainer. I focus on building a strong, co-active partnership with my clients from the beginning. We make sure to get you the results you want, at the pace that your body and mind can handle. You only have one body for your entire life: I want to treat it with dignity and respect you deserve.

We tailor our programs to your unique design

Unlike your average personal training session, we do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead of pushing your body with repetitive movements to go “harder, faster, stronger”, we get you aligned to move the way you were designed to.

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Nothing is so frustrating as an injury preventing you from doing what you want to do and achieve. I unfortunately developed an injury, often resulting in minor yet constant pain. Without even mentioning it, on my first assessment, Shaun queried about my shoulder, which was starting to give me issues in the last year. I didn’t tell him about it because I was there to see him for my leg. I was amazed he could pick something like that up by just watching me walk on a treadmill! I followed Shaun’s program which included many exercises targeting my whole body. And I haven’t looked back since and I haven’t needed to go see anybody else.

Daniel de Kock Developer at Allan Gray Proprietary Limited

How I Work

I used to be a competitive triathlete, with an honours degree in human performance. I furthered my knowledge with courses in neuroscience, pain-management and the mind-body connection.

This allows me to create an environment for healing, exploration, self-actualisation and optimal performance, so you can:

Create a better body image
Get clarity on your movement potential or ability
Make informed decisions or choices for your body
Know your body better than any other expert
Break any bad habits
Create healthy, lifelong practices

Where do sessions take place?

I am based in Charter house clinic in Marylebone, London and at the Radisson Hotel, in Marble Arch, London.

If the first few sessions take a different turn, I am more than happy to do home visits or at your workspace but these will incur an outcall fee.

How much do sessions cost?

Sessions or package bookings can be tailored to your needs, with flexible pricing. Pricing is tailored according to:
* Amount of sessions booked
* Location of sessions
* Online vs. in-person training
Feel free to contact me for a break-down of services and pricing options.

Can training be done remotely?

Yes, after the first few sessions we can switch to online training if necessary.

Subsequent follow-up sessions in person may only be needed. It works best whilst travelling or if you have distance / location issues getting to the venues / clinics.

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I have been working with Shaun for three years since the birth of my fourth son. I am in my early 40’s and stronger, more flexible and leaner than I have ever been. Aches and pains that bothered me for years no longer exist. Shaun helped me achieve all of this with his calm and motivating style, always professional and dependable. His encouragement and movement techniques allowed me the physical and mental ability to take ownership of my overall health and exercise routine, and our regular re-assesment of our goals helps me to keep moving forward. Thank you Shaun for helping me to feel younger, fitter and more able.

Hanna Goldsmith

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