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About Life Coach Dr. Albert Viljoen

I am an ICF-accredited Life Coach in Marylebone London with a passion for helping individuals and organisations meet their goals to live life to the full. I work with a variety of clients, covering the following areas: health, relationship, emotions and work.

Although I am based in Marylebone, I service my clients from a variety of locations and also offer Skype and telephone-based coaching services.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is one of the leading tools employed by high-functioning, successful people to lead extraordinary lives. True to our philosophy at Original Intent, it is a tool to pursue our lifelong journey to Be Fully Human.

The coaching relationship is a partnership – an equal relationship. It is a dynamic, flexible, intentional space. In this space, I allow you enough room to move and think through challenges, yet offer strong grounding and boundaries so you feel secure and accountable.

The primary goal of the relationship is to facilitate deep, true transformation & growth within you.

As an outflow of this transformation, we expect you to:

Reach your goals
Live into your desired life
Grow in fullness of your potential

Everybody needs a coach! – Eric Schmidt, Former CEO of Google

A coach tells you what you don’t want to hear, has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be. – Tom Landry

As soon as you truly commit to making something happen, the “how” will reveal itself. – Tony Robbins

lindsay gibson testimonial

Albert aided me in a couple of things during our time together – most importantly by guiding me to settle on one thing to work on instead of the 5 or 6 things I try to do at once when left to my own devices. He helped clarify my thinking and asked questions that helped me think through my choices. That approach has been hugely helpful and motivating.

Lindsay Gibson, Campus Development Manager at The Academy of Sound Engineering

Which topics are covered in Life Coaching?

I specialise in human design. As a medical doctor in the business world, I work with people in the physical, mental and relational spheres. Some popular topics include:

Mind & Emotions

Anger management
Anxiety management
Stress management
Emotional intelligence


Work-life balance


Healing after a break-up
Finding a life partner
Managing social anxiety
Conflict management
Improving Social skills


Weight loss
Getting fit
Improving sleep
Pain management


Job Transition
How to be more productive
Finding your ideal job

How I work as a Life Coach

With the precision of a medical doctor and the grit of my life experience, I facilitate a space for you to work towards deep transformation, and live into your full humanity.

I combine sophisticated coaching tools with my knowledge about the body and mind. With these, I create a space for you to:

Get clarity about life-choices
Figure out smarter ways to work
Create better habits
Get break-through in areas where you might feel stuck

andrew fulford testimonial image

Albert is a phenomenal life coach. He’s so good at helping you discover what it is you truly want to achieve both short term and long term. He’s great at taking long rants and turning them into a simple extraction of what you’re really trying to communicate. I’ve been with Albert for 3 or 4 months and haven’t be disappointed, not once. He’s really help me have my head screwed on right in many aspects of my life.

Andrew Fulford, Packaging Brewer at Camden Town Brewery

My coaching style

Every coach has a unique style and approach, and the best way to find out if I’m the right coach for you is to schedule a short, no-obligation introductory session. I commit to the following principles in the coaching conversation:

To create a judgment-free, confidential space, where you can bring anything of yourself fully to the table.

To be a thinking partner, walking alongside you in your learning journey.

To ask questions that can result in new ways of thinking to unlock fresh perspectives and alternative approaches.

To ask you to do more than you have probably done on your own.

To help you focus better, so you can get results more quickly.

To provide a relationship where you can discover new depths of insight about yourself, your world and your choices.

To keep the sessions’ focus on the goals that you have set for yourself.

candice mounsear wilson testimonial

Dr. Albert is a fantastic life coach. He is intuitive and helps you see things from a different perspective. With his guidance and encouragement, I was able to make some bold decisions. He made me feel relaxed and at ease, which helped me to open up and take a good look at myself.

Candice Monsear-Wilson Account manager at Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency

Marylebone Clinic Location

My primary base for Life Coaching sessions is in Marylebone, London. The clinic is a 5-10 mins walk from Baker Street, Marylebone, Edgware Road stations.

Clinic address: The Charterhouse Clinic, 98 Crawford Street, Marylebone, London W1H 2HL

Central London locations

Depending on the nature of the coaching topic, I also conduct sessions in public locations. Two locations include:

The Wellcome institute – close to Euston station, 183 Euston Rd, Bloomsbury, London NW1 2BE and Coffeeworks – close to Southwark station, 235 Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 8BF.

Can coaching sessions be done remotely?

I also provide coaching via Skype if clients are traveling for business, or have logistic difficulties getting to the clinic.

How much are coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are tailored to fit your profile and context. Pricing varies, depending on: Location, Type of package, Value-added services, In-person vs. online coaching. Feel free to contact me for a chemistry-session and a detailed quote.

Samantha & Jared Watson
Samantha & Jared Watson
02:43 25 May 18
Albert Viljoen is so great! He is honest and encouraging. I have put his tools to use in everyday life as well as my professional life. With his help I am making personal discoveries and using them to grow. I can't recommend him enough, I feel anyone given the chance would feel the same!read more
12:15 25 Jun 18
Albert is an incredible life coach. He helped me to discover and understand myself better, and gave me real solutions which improved my life. After each session, I felt more positive and more driven to pursue my goals.
Francesca Fanni
Francesca Fanni
10:09 21 May 18
My experience with Albert has been very amazing, he has helped in my pathway in so many ways. At the end of every session I feel myself rich of new way of thinking and ready to put in practice every single word. Thank you for this great experience.
Emma Wainwright Photography
Emma Wainwright Photography
14:24 21 May 18
Albert is lovely! He was very patient and asked lots of leading questions to help me find the answer for myself. We spoke online and he was prompt and cheerful. The call was very helpful and also helped me to ask myself analytical questions when I have issues in the future. Thanks Albert!!read more
Anastasia Gerali
Anastasia Gerali
12:46 21 May 18
I've had a coaching call with Albert regarding my personal blocks as an independent designer and entrepreneur. Albert's coaching was insightful and authentic. His approach resonates with my own personality. Definitely recommended if you are ready for the next step but need a new perspective on your own more
Meagan Wellman
Meagan Wellman
12:44 04 Aug 18
Really great service. Speaking with Albert really helped me to solve a problem that I had with a creative team at that time. After the session and applying his advice, the situation was resolved!Would recommend and be back in future. 🙂
Hector Godoy
Hector Godoy
09:46 07 Aug 18
I've had a couple of coaching sessions with Albert and his insightful approach and advice has really get me back on track after every session. I would highly recommend reaching out to him for a one of a kind coaching session.
Audrey Migot
Audrey Migot
18:53 07 Aug 18
I had a fantastic coaching session with Albert in July 2018. Following our conversation, he left me with a collection of coping mechanisms to manage the spiral of fear and doubt that can sometimes threaten to overwhelm me. I also learned to appreciate the importance of downtime and self care on the path to achieving my more
César Camarillo Torres
César Camarillo Torres
03:49 07 Aug 18
Thanks a lo the for listening and helping my find my way through in a matter of 30 minutes! Most effective therapy I’ve ever had! Über nice and talented
Caspar Arnhold
Caspar Arnhold
07:14 08 Aug 18
How to implement Leichtigkeit in creative processes? Albert gave me some pretty good ideas in a relaxed conversation at eye level, like a good friend with a witty humorous mind. His questions and feedback is clear, straight forward and highly more
Gill Massey
Gill Massey
13:40 13 Aug 18
Talking with Albert helped me unravel my thoughts and motivations. What was originally a concern with a work issue revealed a lot about me in general. Recognising personality traits has informed many areas of my life. Illuminating!
John Snelson
John Snelson
18:57 20 Aug 18
Observant, analytical expertise that produces sustained and observable results. What's not to like? Shaun has worked with me for a few years on correcting joint and muscles problems (from osteoarthritis) and on reducing associated pain. The effect has been sustained and life-changing for me. I am now in dramatically better shape than I thought possible, and it has been fun too! I recommend Shaun's knowledge, skill and manner without more
Charlotte Payne
Charlotte Payne
14:55 21 Aug 18
Shaun has helped me change my approach to my physical heath and wellbeing! I first spoke to him about a recurring knee injury but rather than just treating a specific injury as an isolated issue, his sessions have addressed my body (and even my mind sometimes) in a much more holistic way. I've seen substantial improvements in surprising areas including quicker reactions in racket sports, much better balance in yoga, hugely improved upper body strength (I can know do a yoga wheel and hold it for 5 breaths with ease). Thanks to Shaun's style of one-to-one session and homework I now have a set of tools to combat recurring lower back issues and have got back to running despite the injury. And unlike other practitioners I've seen in the past, between sessions I really feel I can check in and speak to Shaun whenever I have a question about an exercise or an more
John Frezoulis
John Frezoulis
09:07 21 Aug 18
After quitting smoking, I gained over 10kgs. Working with Shaun, he provided me a nutrition plan to restart my metabolism and training oriented to Pilates style stretching and muscle building. Training sessions were always different and never monotonous. I’ve had various personal trainers in the past and Shaun is by the best I’ve worked with. Highly more
Robin Daly
Robin Daly
11:42 07 Sep 18
Shaun gave me massage therapy and helped me understand how I moved and how to correct imbalances in how I was walking that were aggravating my back. He also used dry needles to help the muscles and stretching exercises. I felt so much better afterwards and he helped me to stay mindful of what I was doing wrong and how to fix it, which was very effective. He is very personable and great to work with, relaxing but focused, I would definitely more
Silas Spencer
Silas Spencer
13:52 05 Sep 18
Shaun has been a crucial part of my half-marathon preparation for over five years. He regularly provides deep tissue massage to maximise my training, as well as muscle activation massage prior to races. I have benefited from his expertise in body mechanics and motion to solve imbalances in my technique as well as to overcome minor injuries. Shaun has a considered and personal approach, and after every session he provides me with specific and helpful advice on how to more
Dalton Odendaal
Dalton Odendaal
13:28 14 Sep 18
I do a fair amount of exercise and play tennis competitively still. My back and hamstrings are really tight/inflexible and I have a lack of mobility in my shoulders. I consulted Shaun to see if some massage and stretching work would help. I was most impressed by his professional and physiological approach to my issues. He certainly loosened up my body and muscles with a consequent improvement in my performance on and off the court. Shaun is always reading up on the latest techniques and developments in fitness and health and I have absolute faith in his skills and abilities and recommend him more
Diane Betties
Diane Betties
08:35 15 Oct 18
I have had several sessions with Albert now and could see the progress just after my first session with him. Albert’s incredible energy, positivity, empathy and guidance helped me to see problems from a different angle and deal with aspects in my communication that kept me in repeating patterns for years. His way of coaching provided encouragement without flattery, and guidance to empower myself to deal with very imminent challenges in my work life. Albert is exactly the coach that asks the right kind of questions to truly explore your inner self and fundamentally more

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