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What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a partnership, where the coach and executive collaborate on solutions to support the development and growth of the executive.

It is distinguished from life coaching, in that executive coaching places an emphasis on how the executive’s personal development and wellbeing impacts the wellbeing of their organization.

My style of coaching is Integral and developmental. I look at my client’s life from a systemic perspective, taking into account both the personal and professional aspects. I believe that, although our personal and professional lives are distinct in some ways, they are also interdependent, which is why I coach with the whole person in mind, not just the professional persona.

Who do I partner with?

Over the last decade, we have seen an increase in the number of conscious leaders, leaders who recognize that the wellbeing of a business rests on the wellbeing of its people. These leaders invest in their own growth, in service of their business, and in service of some greater good.

They have a view of humanity that inspires hope, care, freedom and autonomy for the individual, and don’t pursue capital gain at the expense of their humanity.

My mission is to partner with these kinds of leaders and transform the corporate landscape. For far too long, the corner office came with a hidden price-tag. Top execs have sacrificed relationships, health, wellbeing and happiness, just to get their seat at the table.

In contrast, my coaching approach does not remain confined to the four walls of the office. By taking the broader context in mind, we are able to transform the entire ecosystem, allowing all elements to flourish: healthy relationships, emotional wellbeing, physical health and professional success.

True transformation within the executive consequently transforms their surroundings: at work and at home.

How does executive coaching work?

During the coaching process, I facilitate a process to deepen the executive’s self-awareness and enhance professional development. The coaching typically consists of 3 stages:

1. Assessment, diagnostics and contracting

During this stage, I interview the client, and may recommend assessment tools – both psychological and physiological – to tailor the most effective coaching process.

2. The coaching process

Coaching sessions are typically 1 to 1,5 hours long, every 2-4 weeks. Through the reflective process, we bring into view any subconscious, hidden beliefs, pain-points and blind-spots in the client’s ecosystem. We bring balance between these elements, gradually tweak behaviour, thinking, speaking and self-regulation patterns to restore balance and health.

Depending on the nature of the coaching intervention, sessions range from weekly, to fortnightly to monthly. In certain cases, digital support between sessions is included, to build momentum towards change.

3. Closing & review

After the coaching process is completed, we will review the progress against the initial goals, and either end the coaching relationship, or taper down the level of support.

The emphasis in my work, is to facilitate sustainable, integrated transformation. To change ingrained patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour, takes some time. If we want to prevent regression to old habits, the process may take anything from 3 to 18 months.

After completion of the client’s coaching process, we may notice specific areas within the organisation that also requires change. Following on from the executive’s coaching, it often makes sense to integrate these on an organisational level, to ensure the impact extends beyond the executive.

Topics addressed in Executive Coaching

Topics are as varied as people, although there are some common threads. I often find that the topic initially presented, is merely a symptom of a more deeply rooted challenge, and during the coaching relationship, we modify the goals to more accurately represent the necessary changes.

• Relationship challenges and conflict management
• Leadership style development
• Increasing multiple lines of intelligence
• Role transitions
• Effective leadership under pressure
• Improving fulfillment and happiness at work
• Creating a sustainable work-life balance

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