Enneagram Team Report

Teams are only as strong, productive and cohesive as their individual members allow. With the Enneagram, we combine the reports of each individual, to create a team report. This is like a X-ray of the interpersonal dynamics, highlighting the team’s best qualities, and most challenging edges.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work with all teams equally, and the Enneagram helps you tailor your interventions to the unique needs of your people.

By working with your team in a more long-term partnership, we can transform the most challenging aspects, to grow your team and improve performance.

For more information, book a free, 30-minute consultation below. During this consult, we will explore your needs, answer any questions, and create a tailored strategy to help your team grow into the best versions of themselves. Both as individuals, and as a collective.

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