Enneagram Coaching

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a sophisticated psychological assessment tool and developmental framework.

We use it to map three centres of intelligence: mind, heart and gut, and tailor personal growth to align with your unique Enneagram profile.

How does the Enneagram work?

The Enneagram brings to the surface sub-conscious motivations that drive our behaviour in specific, consistent ways. By making these motivations conscious, the Enneagram illuminates our blind spots, enabling us to respond better to life’s challenges.

Through this tool, we can transform unhelpful beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviour from the roots up.

What makes the Enneagram different from other psychometric profiles?

Unlike most other assessments, the Enneagram is a complex, dynamic tool. It can be used in a simplistic ’what is your type?’ fashion, (which tends to over-simplify and can lead to stereotyping), but is most effective in its sophisticated application: as a map to enable personal or organisational development.

The structure of the Enneagram model consists of nine main types, 3 subtypes, 18 wings, and 3 triadic styles. This complex, yet easy-to-understand framework allows the Enneagram to be used across various contexts and multiple levels of maturity. It is differentiated from other psychometric assessments in the following key ways:

• As a developmental framework, the Enneagram does not merely take a snapshot of who you are, but also highlights your natural gifts – who you can be at your best.

• Rather than boxing people in, it illuminates new pathways for development.

• It doesn’t merely point out one’s external behaviour, preferences, strengths and styles. Instead, it acts like a personality X-Ray, exposing hidden patterns of belief, drives, fears and capacities.

• As a complex systems-based tool, the Enneagram can be applied on both an individual and organisational level.

Who is the Enneagram for?

We can use the Enneagram to map individuals, couples, families, teams and businesses, enabling them to grow together. Below is an outline of the benefits:


  • Become aware of core, subconscious motivations
  • Create balance between over- and under-expressed aspects of your personality
  • Get specific developmental strategies, tailored to your unique personality-structure
  • Grow in motivation, productivity, efficiency and confidence
  • Expand your self-awareness and consciousness
  • Experience radical self-acceptance
  • Resolve emotional blocks & difficulties
  • Grow in empathy
  • Develop authentic leadership for potent impact


  • Decrease criticism, judgement and intolerance
  • Get a clear understanding of root causes for team conflicts and challenges
  • Move beyond blaming and criticism, to collaboration with diversity
  • Improve team efficiency
  • Enhance working relationships
  • Optimise business processes to support diverse personalities
  • Radically improve communication, by using a shared framework of understanding


  • Diminish toxic organisational politics
  • Unleash new potential by highlighting and utilising hidden strengths
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance performance
  • Build organisational integrity
  • Create tailored, focused talent development strategies
  • Improve overall cohesion

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Book an Enneagram coaching session with me, for a discounted rate of £80. (Commercial pricing is £90 excluding a debrief-call).

I will then send you a code to do your Enneagram assessment, and debrief the results with you in a free 1-hour online call.

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