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how to speak up be heard get results

Course Title: How to speak up, be heard and get results
Date: 25th September 2019
Venue: WC2N 4BD
Cost: £21.43


Does the thought of saying what you actually think fill you with fear? Do you sit silently in meetings, nodding agreebly, but disagreeing in your head? Do you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place – wanting to speak out, but not wanting to rock the boat? Do you squirm at the thought of appearing ‘difficult’ or offending anyone, or God forbid – not being liked!

Speaking up is a challenge all of us face at times. But staying silent has a cost and it’s taking its toll on you.

Whether you’re ruminating over past events, worried you may have offended someone, or agonising over a future talk you need to have with someone, it’s fair to say communication can cause us a lot of stress and worry.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
It is possible to get your message across in a way that inspires people.
It is possible to never have awkward conversations again because you know how to communicate in a way that makes people listen.

And when people listen, the result is that you get what you need, you have more harmonious relationships and you feel heard. We cover all this and more in this workshop.

Learn how to:

• Speak your mind with clarity, confidence and commitment.
• Get your message across.
• Get others to listen, without having to scream and shout.
• Make difficult conversations easy(er).
• Stop being a people-pleaser, without becoming a b*tch.

You will walk away with:

• Specific scripts that you can use immediately.
• Techniques to get people to listen to what you say.
• A greater knowledge about yourself.
• Skills and tools you can use to make every relationship better

Who is this event for?

This is event is perfect for anyone working in the creative industry, including

• Full-time employees
• Established freelancers
• Small business owners.

You will especially benefit from this event if you love to learn, and you know that the secret to a booming career starts with investing in developing your mindset.