You hit the alarm, get up, and get going, They say “I can’t do it”, you say “I’ve already done it”. They say “I’m not sure it will work”, you say “I fixed it.” They say “I need a break”, you say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” If this sounds like you, and you don’t want to risk your health & life, then you may need to take 5 minutes just to read this blog.

"I used to travel all across the US, to find the latest rides…I looooved the adrenaline-rush!! But, since my kids were born, something changed...I became more fearful of those kinds of activities… in fact, it’s so bad now, that I’m actually petrified of heights! I never used to be this way..."

Yesterday, we mentioned the 2-minute pause button. One of the challenges with this tool, is that we often don’t have a list of diverse emotions. If you are highly driven, it’s possible that your list simply looks like this: Stressed Stressed Stressed Tired Angry Tired Stressed Stressed That’s part of the exercise : it trains you to think in a problem-solving way, but it also shows you on what...

When was the last time you went to a dance-class? The way the baseline surges through your body, and vibrates through your chest. The way the sound of those velvety strings wrap themselves around your arms, pulsates through your muscles and electrifies your legs to swing in broad circles across the smooth ballroom floor.

Grab your notebook and a writing-tool. If you don't own any, do yourself a favour and buy a moleskin and a pen that glides smoothly across the pages, then return and continue reading.

It’s 1pm. I’m standing at the Woolies (grocery store) across the road. My mind is stuck in neutral: “Do I take the Chicken pesto, or thai chicken curry? Oh, there’s a low-cal Beef Stroganoff option, but the cellophane on that packet looks cancerous… or should I just have a fruit-salad? But fruit have sugars, which will spike my insulin….” a full minute later, I walk out with the same meal I had yesterday. It’s just easier.

I don't have a bathroom mirror or any mirror, for that matter. When I wake up, I grab my electric shaver and mow the lower half of my face, until it "feels smooth enough". My hair, on the other hand, has a personality of its own. I call the sheepish shrub above my forehead “Dennis" (although he likes to be referred to as "The Master”.)