The Enneagram is a sophisticated psychological assessment tool and developmental framework. We use it to map three centres of intelligence: mind, heart and gut, and tailor personal growth to align with your unique Enneagram profile.

I am staring at the screen. I probably rewrote that headline 39 times, and still don’t feel comfortable with it. In truth, though, nothing feels ‘quite comfortable’ anymore.

Do you prefer to be centre-stage, or backstage? Do your friends call you the party animal, or the home-body? Are you a dog-person or a cat-person? Do you have more sociopathic, or more psychopathic tendencies?
“I was in a great relationship before: my husband was loving and kind at first. But, after 4 years of marriage, he left me for another woman. I don’t blame myself for it, I am still processing my anger and sadness about it, and I can’t help but worry: How do I know that the same thing won’t happen to me again?”

Before you read this article, a disclaimer: This subject may stir up some upsetting emotions. Most of us would rather put it off until we have no choice in the matter. But I’d like to pose a challenge: if you allow yourself to experience a little discomfort now, you can save yourself - and your loved ones - massive costs...

What are your positive traits? Maybe you’re artistic, conscientious, precise or pragmatic; empathic, goal-driven, enthusiastic or independent. Now think about how these very traits have caused you trouble in the past.

Personal growth is held in a delicate balance between ‘the good enough’ and 'the best’. Your capacity to hold this balance can mean the difference between being a dad or being a present dad; dominating others or inspiring others; building an empire or transforming a nation.

Chris was first referred to me by concerned family members. They were worried about his mental and physical well-being, and said that he needs some coaching to create a healthy work-life balance.

In this client story, learn how I was able to help Will - a 33 year old Financial analyst who had been struggling with feelings of anxiety on and off for about 8 years.