the most important dietary advice you'll ever get

The most important dietary advice you’ll ever get

The Fads are Confusing! It’s virtually impossible to stay on top of all the latest fads in nutrition. In the last 60 years, we’ve already gone full-circle; from whole-fat, to low-fat & and back to “butter is best”. So, what is the truth? Why do the “expert” opinions play merry-go-round? (And, what’s up with the latest coconut-water craze!?)

There’s a complex system involved to create food-fads : some of it is good, solid science. However, much of it is just propaganda, marketing, and bad research.

And then there are those people with the money to pay for the reasearch and the marketing and propaganda. (It seems someone influential recently bought a few billion acres of coconut-trees?).

Rather than wasting your mental energy following the latest fads, let’s focus on the one thing in your control: You.

You are HOW you eat

We know that the types, quantities and quality of food we eat are all important. However, how we relate to food can play a much more powerful role to look good & feel great.

Some women grab the ice-cream tub to swallow their heart-break, while the men drown their anxiety and re-claim their packing-order with “one more pint!” You prove your worth as a housewife with a home-cooked meal, and remember granny’s friendly face when you successfully reproduce her brownie-recipe. Food is an intricate part of our lives on multiple levels: from holy sacraments and Id, down to protein-shakes and multivitamins.

A match made in leaven

Once you’ve ingested that bite, it becomes part of you. Not just on a physical level, but on an emotional, mental and chemical level. You and the toast have been joined in wholly gastronomy and are now “one soul, one body”.

Unfortunately, though, it is often a messy and complicated relationship; we overindulge in those late-night snacks, and starve ourselves at the buffet; we hoard our sweets for fear of scarcity, or throw it in the garbage for fear of gluttony.

Unlike a life-partner, though, this relationship with food started when you first set your lips to your mother’s breast. Before you had any say in how to think, feel and relate to it, you have been bound to this lifelong relationship with every single meal, and was physically, mentally and socially shaped by each one.

In need of Marriage counselling

The first, and most fundamental question for good nutrition, is not what, or how much you eat, but rather : how do you feel and think about food. What is your relationship-status?

When you ask divorcees why they split up, the responses have become worn-out:

  • “We just grew apart”
  • “He always left the toothpaste open”
  • “she had this incessantly annoying throat-clearing”
  • “He never took out the trash”

When we’re shipwrecked in love, we confuse the wood for the trees : we loose sight of the core of the relationship, and start hating each other over menial, stupid things.

It’s not much different with food: if our relationship is unhealthy, we obsess over every calorie, worry about organic vs. non-organic, gluten vs. starch, or blindly ignore it all, and overindulge ourselves into a diabetic coma. We miss the fundamental problem : which deep motives drive me when I eat?

Stop! And Take Stock

The only way to know how you are, is to do some stock-taking. If we want to move from where we are, to a better place, we first need to know where / how we are actually doing. From this cross-section of our selves, we can make wiser, healthier decisions to move forward.

Do you need extra support?

So, what is your relationship-status with food? If you feel you could benefit from additional support, why not schedule a FREE discovery call to learn more about how I can help.

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