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Take the first step

Change is scary. Whether you”re moving to a new city, different job or in a new relationship, it takes a lot to make a shift. Even when the new city is safer, and the next job pays better – there are still some emotional and mental challenges to face.

The most difficult changes, though, are personal: the exercise routine so you can get your dream body, or the counseling-program to work towards your dream life. What do we need to get ourselves away from the demons we know, to meet the angels we don’t? We need to be brave. What big choices have you been putting off, because of the fear, uncertainty or effort to change? Here are some pointers to get you moving:

If you need to ”brave it” for that tough conversation, or to sign up for that new opportunity, you need two key ingredients:

Do you want it badly enough?

Many of us will talk about having a ”balanced life”. But if you’ve coped with your long hours and the adrenaline of a massive work-load for too long, you forget what it’s like to have balance. You don’t know what you want, much less how to get it. Simply put : You don’t know what you’re missing.

What you can do:

If you know you need to make a change – whether it’s negotiating your work-contract, or finding healthier hobbies, you need to be clear how much it will benefit you. Spend a few minutes each day, and write up a list of ”pros” for the change. You can build this list slowly, but it’s important that you start spending time on it today.

Getting a clear picture of what you want, and how the change will be better than your current reality, will help move you to make the choice.

Can you control your fear?

Anxiety or fear may be a tricky emotion to get grips on. One of the best ways to decrease fear of change, is by decreasing uncertainty. If you need to do a new job, find out as much as you can about the job. Visit the space, talk to potential future colleagues. If you need to sign up for a self-improvement or training program, meet the coaches. Ask questions. Voice your fears, and get their feedback. Read up about it, visit the venue / gym before you sign up.

By exposing yourself to the new opportunity / environment, the fear-related hormones decrease, as your brain gets more information.

Take control of your body!

Emotions live in our bodies. Deep breathing exercises, meditation and yoga can all condition your body to overcome the fear of change. After a long run, your body is filled with endorphins : this hormone makes you feel good, and can give you the necessary courage to make that tough phone-call, or send that challenging email.

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