how not to work yourself to death 3

How not to work yourself to death part 3

When was the last time you went to a dance-class? The way the baseline surges through your body, and vibrates through your chest. The way the sound of those velvety strings wrap themselves around your arms, pulsates through your muscles and electrifies your legs to swing in broad circles across the smooth ballroom floor.

Maybe you can’t fully relate to these sensations, but we all know that deep, primal feeling when a bass-drum fills our belly, and the beat takes us to another world. We all know how a favourite song can make us teary-eyed about a previous girlfriend, smile as we remember our last holiday at the sea. Music sways us. Sound moves us. And rhythm pulsates through our body with every single heart-beat.

Tool 3: Identify Destructive Rhythms

Play, Die, Repeat.
Play, Die, Repeat.

This is the rhythm of the gamer’s life: He plays until his character dies, and then replays. Every time, he learns something more about the game, and gradually makes it to the final level. Unfortunately, this is also how many of us live in the real world: We push over the edge, burn, and repeat. Eventually, we define progress as : run-crash-restart, run-crash-restart.

This is a destructive way to live, and needs to be adjusted with small, daily changes. As the old adage goes: “Life is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Is your working style healthy?

The first step, is to admit if your life-habits are not sustainable.

Secondly, you will need to accurately assess where changes are needed. At this point, we usually co-create a step-by-step approach, to implement healthy rhythms : rhythms that will get the same results, without the crash & burn.

“How do I know that my habits aren’t healthy?”

If your answer to any of the following questions are “yes”, you may need to take stock, and re-prioritise:

  • Has my body recently manifested with stress? (Did I get a cold, cold-sores, or a acne-breakout?)
  • Am I short-tempered with people?
  • Do I need caffeine to get me going in the morning?
  • Do I need a drink to switch me off in the evening?
  • Is my “urgent-list” longer than my “important-but-not-urgent”-list?
  • Do I want to “go-it-alone”, without any support to help me achieve my goals?

Additional support

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