My love affair with the snooze button

Confession: my love-affair with the snooze-button





“Just…five…more…S@*&!K# I’m LATE!” Knocks over bedside lamp. Hops sideways into pants. Frantically brushes teeth, washes it down with coffee.

When people talk about a ‘morning-routine’, this is what comes to mind. This, is my default morning routine. When I go to bed, I set my alarm early – not so I can get to gym, watch the sunrise, prepare my healthy snacks, and pep-talk myself in the mirror. No. I set my alarm, because I love ignoring it. And the sensation of falling asleep is so much better than being asleep. Ah, what bliss – clumsily smacking my bleeping phone, and then as the silence settles down, sinking back into the warm, snugly, oh-so-delicious mattress. Again. And again. Annnnd again. But, like a typical mistress, this affair with the snooze-button comes at a cost.

Most of us are sleep-deprived, and we don’t even know it. And, if you thought those 10 + 10 + 10 minutes between your alarm add up to your quota, they actually don’t. All that happens, is your sleep pattern gets interrupted, leaving you more tired and listless the rest of the day. It literally messes up everything – just like an affair.

Time to break-up with Snoozy

There are a ton of fancy apps nowadays, to help you get up and get going. From the Ruggie – a bedside rug-slash-alarm that requires you to put your feet on it for 3 seconds before switching off, to Kiwake – an app that helps you wake up with a mental game and by not having a snooze-button in the first place.

In my opinion, breaking up with Snoozy is like any break-up: it has to be drastic, tends to be messy and is almost always painful – no matter what app you use. But, if you successfully say “no” more than 4 to 5 times for one week straight, your body starts adapting, and soon, you’ll be in love with your Early Morning Routine again.

The benefits of getting back together with Early Morning Routine

So, why would I choose the reliability of an Early Morning Routine above the thrilling rush with Snoozy? Three reasons:

  1. My body benefits: Getting up early means I get to exercise, and it doesn’t get knocked off the schedule by something else. This means I am fitter, thinner, tons more relaxed and focused at work.
  2. My mind benefits: There are very few things I enjoy as much as the peace and quiet of an early morning. It gives me time to clear my head, plan my day, and go about my business with laser focus.
  3. My relationships benefit: Taking time-out, feeling rested and getting my cornerstone activities done first thing in the day, frees me up mentally, emotionally and physically. People find me more pleasant, engaged and energized. (In stead of annoyed, caffeinated and tired.)

If you fell in the Snoozy’s lap, maybe it’s time to say good-bye. She’ll keep making empty promises, and you have a lot more to live for. Plus, Morning Glory will take you back with loving, open arms.

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