About Original Intent

We are more than a life coaching service: We deepen the life coaching process, by bringing a team of qualified experts the table.

Our commitments

We believe you can be master of your own mind, emotions, body, relationships and career.

We see you as a partner, not a patient.

We spend time and energy on you, which means we never rush sessions.

We work with an in-depth, as well as broad-perspective, to bring all aspects of your life into alignment.

If you are willing, we prefer to work in collaboration, which means you get at least two experts to evaluate your case for a more sophisticated, thorough solution.

How are we different?

We don’t blame you for “bad” choices. We all lose control at times: we develop an addiction, pick-up weight or work ourselves to near-death. We are here to help you reclaim what you have lost.

We don’t treat you like a victim. Although we all fall victim to ill-health, we all have the capacity to make changes for the better.

When we need to refer clients to specialists that are outside our cohort, we like to follow-up and integrate the care into your life-plan. We don’t want you to get sent from pillar-to-post, and fall through the cracks.

We don’t do cookie-cutting solutions. The human body, mind and psychology is way too sophisticated for that, and deserves the due respect and finesse.

Our Services

We currently offer:
Coaching, consulting and training services across all 4 domains of life: body, mind, relationships and mental / emotional health.

“Your life is worth more than the sum of its parts.”


“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – WHO

You only have one body for your entire lifetime. When you are sick, in pain or overweight, it can impact on everything else. Regaining control of your body can be tricky. Since your body is unique and complex, there is no single program that works for everyone.

We employ the most sophisticated tools and assessments from neuroscience, biomechanics and functional medicine, putting you back in the driver seat of your physicality. The goal is not just to survive, but to thrive!


“He never LISTENS to me.”
“I don’t know why she gets so upset?!”

Whether it’s your colleague, brother, neighbour or lover, relationships can be tricky. Most often, this happens because we don’t know how the other person thinks, feels and sees the world.

There are simple solves, mechanisms and hacks to help you communicate better, get into someone else’s head, and repair the relationship. We navigate these in a step-by-step way, to re-connect to those around you.


“It’s all about mind over matter.”

Irrespective of how clever you are, or how much information you can retain, there are certain things your brain just doesn’t do that well. Some of us are absent-minded, others find it hard to focus. Some are more emotional, others are more rational. Some of us are more creative, while other are more consistent.

Whatever your specific challenges, we partner with you to accurately identify them, and train your mind and emotions to work for you.

With us, you can unlock capacities you never even realised you had.


“Something’s gotta give.”

Most of the chronic diseases we face today happen because something ‘gives’ in the person. We work too hard, party too hard, sleep too little, eat too much or move too little. The overarching cause? Our life is off-kilter.

Being balanced, healthy and happy is not static – things change all the time, so we need to be ready to adapt. If we don’t, we break.

We enable you to achieve this resilience, so you don’t fold under pressure, and ultimately achieve your goals.

Meet the Team

A team of enthusiastic life and wellness coaches, who have honed our skills across the globe, to offer you a unique combination of services, tailored to your personal and professional lifestyle.

To learn more about the team and their role within Original Intent, click the images below and head over to their profile pages.

albert home image


Founder & Life Coach
personal trainer shaun image


Specialist Trainer & Therapist


Dietician & Functional Medicine

“When a friend introduced me to the concept of a life coach, my initial response was: “I don’t need one. I’m a perfectly sane and well-balanced individual.” And yet, 20 minutes into a one-hour Skype session with Albert, I found myself delving into things I’ve never really addressed (learning when to say no and making more time for myself were the two key takeaways). Albert’s given me a new-found awareness of – and investment in – myself which is very much treasured.”

Jessica Diner, Beauty Director, Vogue, London

“I very much enjoy my lessons with Shaun and leave feel energised and much more productive for the working day ahead.. I had wanted to better my swim strokes and learn to swim properly which he has helped me with greatly, especially as i wasn’t very confident of my ability .He has a calm, clear, fun way of teaching which I look forward to each week.”

Carolyn Asome, Fashion & Interiors writer, London

“I have really loved working with Lara! She feels like a friend straightaway, which is so helpful when you are talking about such intimate details about yourself. Lara has been so knowledgeable and I love this whole approach of food and lifestyle to tackle the issues and has really opened my eyes to the world of nutrition and wellness, which has changed my life forever. Thank you! Lara is great at keeping in touch, checking-in, adapting to any issues quickly, answering any questions I may have and also keeping me accountable, which I really appreciated.”

Grace T

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