• Dr. Albert Viljoen

    MBChB, ICF ACC Integral Life & Executive Coach, Certified Enneagram Practitioner

About Me

I am a qualified medical doctor, and ICF-accredited life coach in London. My medical training and work as a GP has taught me about human anatomy, physiology and pathology. My training as an integral coach, has taught me about human psychology, relationships, and our optimal potential.

Over the last 13 years, I have honed this knowledge across various industries, working in medicine, music, tech start-ups, mental health, and even television.

Today I bring this breadth and depth of knowledge and experience into the coaching room, so clients can unlock the breadth and depth of their own potential, and live life to the full.

Qualifications and Training
MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
Cum Laude in Family Medicine
Certificate in Integrative Medicine
ACC Diploma in Integral Practitioner Coaching
Certified Integrative Enneagram Practitioner
Micro Expressions Expert Level
Subtle Expressions Expert Level
Coaching Style & Modalities

I would describe my coaching style as relational, intuitive, integral and transformational. Each of us is an ecosystem in ourselves, and each of us forms part of larger ecosystem. Having seen people at their most vulnerable, ill and desperate in the A&E, as well as at their most accomplished in the corner-office, I have a lot of respect for the natural ways in which our bodies, minds, relationships and environments interrelate.

That means that I don’t do quick-fix, reprogram-your-mind, psyche-yourself into action. I don’t just do mind-hacks, 3-step plans or ‘no-matter-what-results’. Because I know human beings don’t work that way.

Sure, you can ‘quick-fix’ (read: can of spray-paint) a dying pot plant to look green, but only true nurture, care and respect can allow a tree to grow, bloom and flourish.

In the same way, we humans can get away with quick-fixes, but we all need nurture, care and respect to experience true change, growth and transformation.

In my work, I draw from various theories, but especially from the adult developmental theories by Robert Kegan, Integral Theory by Ken Wilber, Embodiment theory and practices by Amanda Blake and Wendy Palmer, and the Enneagram.

Personal Journey

At age 5, when I had barely started reading, my parents gave me a book entitled: “1001 Questions and Answers.” Paging through that large book with its red cover and bright yellow lettering is one of my favourite childhood memories. I would read and re-read the factoids about how the world works, with questions like: ‘What is the largest animal?’; ‘How fast does a nerve-impulse travel?’; ‘How deep is the deepest part of the sea?’ and ‘How many planets are in our solar system?’. I was enthralled by the amazing complexity of it all.

This insatiable curiosity about the universe and its inhabitants is the golden thread running throughout my career. Over the past 13 years, it has served me well in my work as general practitioner, health innovation consultant and life and executive coach.

The reason I have transitioned from mainstream healthcare into life coaching, was in response to a growing frustration with the fragmented health system. Despite the incredible wealth of treatments and cures offered by general medicine, I couldn’t turn a blind eye to the shortcomings: the disheartened patient when doctors cannot provide them with a ‘by-the-book’ diagnosis; the helplessness of the doctor, when a patient cannot break their unhealthy habits; the confusion when a patient is ‘cured’ on paper, but they still experience suffering and pain.

I knew there had to be a different way to serve people in need, but wasn’t sure how.

This quest first lead me into the field of health innovation, where I worked for Hello Doctor – a tech start-up, that gave people access to a doctor through an app.

Eventually, that same quest lead me into the world of integral coaching, which changed my entire perspective of health and wellness. I discovered that every person has an inherent ability to master their own lives; and that, through a series of powerful coaching strategies, this innate wisdom can be unlocked, opening entirely new possibilities of health and wholeness.

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