Why work with us?

You have ambitious goals

You are also realistic: you have commitments, pressure and people demanding your time and energy.

You don’t like wishful-thinking, woo-woo clichés.

We co-create sensible strategies so you can meet your challenges head-on, and facilitate sustainable transformation.

You don’t like a template-approach

We adapt our coaching process to suit your personality and lifestyle.

You want clear, trusted support

We live in an age of information-overload. Most of it is unreliable.

You shouldn’t have to swim through the spam to find answers.

We combine our qualifications in medicine, nutrition, psychology and human performance science to filter out the noise and give you straight-forward solutions.

You don’t want to be pigeon-holed

Maybe you’re a mom, a CEO, an entrepreneur, a fiancée, a lawyer or a photographer.

Maybe you are all of the above.

You juggle multiple roles in multiple domains.

We work with this big picture in mind, bringing all domains of your life into alignment: work, relationship, mind and body.

How do we work?

Step 1: Book a free discovery call.

This is a 20-minute video – or telephone conversation (no obligations).

During the call, we get to know you better, and you get a sense for our coaching style, and if we’re a good fit.

If you decide to proceed, you can sign up for ad-hoc sessions, or a package of 6 sessions.

Step 2: Start the coaching process.

In-person sessions:

• 98 Crawford street, Marylebone W1H 2HL
• 23 Clerkenwell Close, Clerkenwell EC1R 0AA

Online sessions:

• Skype
• Zoom
• Appear.in
• FaceTime
• Phone

Sessions are 1 hour, every 2-3 weeks, depending on your needs.

For more information on what happens in a coaching session, please read Coaching – what you need to know.

Step 3: The results

Samantha & Jared Watson
Samantha & Jared Watson
02:43 25 May 18
Albert Viljoen is so great! He is honest and encouraging. I have put his tools to use in everyday life as well as my professional life. With his help I am making personal discoveries and using them to grow. I can't recommend him enough, I feel anyone given the chance would feel the same!read more
12:15 25 Jun 18
Albert is an incredible life coach. He helped me to discover and understand myself better, and gave me real solutions which improved my life. After each session, I felt more positive and more driven to pursue my goals.
Francesca Fanni
Francesca Fanni
10:09 21 May 18
My experience with Albert has been very amazing, he has helped in my pathway in so many ways. At the end of every session I feel myself rich of new way of thinking and ready to put in practice every single word. Thank you for this great experience.
Emma Wainwright Photography
Emma Wainwright Photography
14:24 21 May 18
Albert is lovely! He was very patient and asked lots of leading questions to help me find the answer for myself. We spoke online and he was prompt and cheerful. The call was very helpful and also helped me to ask myself analytical questions when I have issues in the future. Thanks Albert!!read more
Anastasia Gerali
Anastasia Gerali
12:46 21 May 18
I've had a coaching call with Albert regarding my personal blocks as an independent designer and entrepreneur. Albert's coaching was insightful and authentic. His approach resonates with my own personality. Definitely recommended if you are ready for the next step but need a new perspective on your own blockages.read more
Meagan Wellman
Meagan Wellman
12:44 04 Aug 18
Really great service. Speaking with Albert really helped me to solve a problem that I had with a creative team at that time. After the session and applying his advice, the situation was resolved!Would recommend and be back in future. 🙂
Hector Godoy
Hector Godoy
09:46 07 Aug 18
I've had a couple of coaching sessions with Albert and his insightful approach and advice has really get me back on track after every session. I would highly recommend reaching out to him for a one of a kind coaching session.
Audrey Migot
Audrey Migot
18:53 07 Aug 18
I had a fantastic coaching session with Albert in July 2018. Following our conversation, he left me with a collection of coping mechanisms to manage the spiral of fear and doubt that can sometimes threaten to overwhelm me. I also learned to appreciate the importance of downtime and self care on the path to achieving my goals.read more
César Camarillo Torres
César Camarillo Torres
03:49 07 Aug 18
Thanks a lo the for listening and helping my find my way through in a matter of 30 minutes! Most effective therapy I’ve ever had! Über nice and talented

Book a FREE discovery call

Book a free 30 minute (no obligations) discovery call so that you can get a sense for my coaching style, and see if we’re a good fit.